OCMA – Sound Collage

On April 23rd the Orange County Museum of Art posted a sound collage collaboration put together by Alan Nakagawa. It is an interesting collection of recordings participants made of haiku about the coronavirus. My contribution is in part one near the 4:30 mark.

Festive ambiance
She does not reveal her wish
Quarantine birthday.

OCMA – Sound Collage

The evil twin also did a recording. Her piece is also featured in part one at about 14:40. When I was listening to it Wednesday evening, I didn’t even recognize my voice. I recognized the haiku and for a second wondered who read it. When I played it for my children, they both knew it was me. Then later that night, I played it for Shawn, twice, he didn’t recognize his own wife’s voice either. I suggest if anyone wants to hear me read one of my pieces to check out the link. I have rarely read my work in public, and this may be your only chance to hear me do so.

Well I must be off to work on today’s napowrimo prompt. Some of which will not be too difficult, writing as much haiku and haikuesque poems as I do, I am conscious of the fact it should stay in present tense even when I’m writing about a memory. Will see how well I do with the rest of the prompt. I did flub yesterday’s prompt but at least I wrote something. I was having an off day and those three lines were the only effort I made.


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