#NaPoWriMo Love Poem


Date night selfie celebrating Shawn’s 48th birthday

The Little Things

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
When early morning breaks and my coffee
sits at the bedside, arousing night’s haze
How do I love thee

I inhale its sweet aroma and see
a wonderful man who can still amaze
me with little things after twenty three

Years of marriage our passion set ablaze
and my heart flutters when he is near me
Content to live out the rest of my days
How do I love thee?

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Rather than encouraging minimalism, today we challenge you to write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can. Go for broke with metaphors, similes, and more. Need a little inspiration? Perhaps you’ll find it in the lyrics of Cole Porter’s “You’re The Top.” (Scroll down at the link for the lyrics and an annotated explanation of them).

Good morning readers and welcome to day sixteen of napowrimo.  I didn’t exactly go for broke as I focused on a small gesture to write my love poem from after borrowing the first line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Maybe I was trying to combine minimalism with over the top feelings? Anyway this is the piece my mind turned out today.

For those you want to read more about the roundel form.


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