#NaPoWriMo News Article Poem

Comfort Masks

Give comfort
Wear in public
Stop virus from spreading

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And speaking of news, today our prompt (optional, of course) is another oldie-but-goodie: a poem based on a news article. Frankly, I understand why you might be avoiding the news lately, but this is a good opportunity to find some “weird” and poetical news stories for inspiration.

Good morning readers and welcome to day seven of NaPoWriMo where I contribute to the mask debate. I saw a story on the news about making and donating comfort masks here in Arizona. One of the drop off locations is in Sun City, close to my mother-in-law (she’s the seamstress not me) so I shared the article with her yesterday. When I read today’s prompt that was the news article I thought of first. And my long time readers should know by now I like short poems. It’s funny to realize my extra tidbits on the daily prompts are the most I’ve typed in quite some time.

Before I go, a link to my niece’s etsy page if anyone is looking to buy comfort masks. And for all my readers who are also participating in NaPoWriMo – Congratulations we have hit the one week mark! Keep writing my friends.

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