#NaPoWriMo Dream Talk at Dinner


Gretchen Hosking in the Backyard

Middle of the street
Call out Jennifer Lawrence
Mystique walks away

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Our prompt for the day (optional as always) takes its cue from our gently odd resources, and asks you to write a poem based on an image from a dream. We don’t always remember our dreams, but images or ideas from them often stick with us for a very long time. I definitely have some nightmares I haven’t been able to forget, but I’ve also witnessed very lovely things in dreams (like snow falling on a flood-lit field bordered by fir trees, as seen through a plate glass window in a very warm and inviting kitchen). Need an example of a poem rooted in dream-based imagery? Try this one by Michael Collier.

Good morning readers and welcome to day four of NaPoWriMo. First thing’s first – Happy 19th birthday, Gretchen! Today’s prompt seems rather apropos as Gretchen told me about the strange dream she had at dinner last night. Of course I reminded her what time of year it was; anything you tell mom in April is fair game to be used as poetry inspiration. Then I see write a dream-based poem. May be the fastest turn around from discussion to poem I’ve had. Gretchen said she didn’t care as she knew tomorrow’s poem would be about her anyway. She sooooo enjoys having a birthday in April – not.

Dinner discussion
Mom front and center in dream

Apparently Gretchen and I were in the middle of a busy street with one of our cats, Chase, and we were supposed to be some kind of undercover agents. Gretchen said it was a miracle I didn’t blow our cover because I kept calling out Jennifer Lawrence. I said, I’m shocked I even recognized Jennifer Lawrence, because knowing me if I just ran into a celebrity on the street I would have no clue. Then I was told she was actually dressed as Mystique which I found even funnier, because I’m sure I would recognize an X-men easier than an actor; and why was I calling her by her real name if she looked like Mystique? Gretchen had no idea she was just trying to get me not to blow our cover and it sounded like I wasn’t giving her an easy job.

Well we have a birthday to celebrate somehow in these strange times. If any of you have the opportunity please go over to Gretchen’s Tumblr and wish her Happy Birthday!
Thank you

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