Same Old Routine

Hello readers! I know what many of you are thinking, who is this person posting on this blog. I have been way too quiet lately. I haven’t been writing much lately. Of course with social distancing becoming the new norm, not much has changed in my routine. On the plus side, with Gretchen home all day now, more house cleaning is getting done.

ASU has gone to online classes so Gretchen has her daily routine with class time and homework, but since commuting time is no longer an issue, she has more free time. And since my remote work is scoring standardized tests and schools are closed for the foreseeable future, I have no monetary work. So I should start writing poems again. Hopefully I can write a poem a day this April once again. In the meantime here is a poem for national cerebral palsy awareness month.



3 thoughts on “Same Old Routine

    • Thank you Benita. Live your dash is the motto for Pat’s Run. I loved the idea and since the shirt one year was green, I thought it was perfect for CP awareness. Hope you are well.

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