High School and College Yearbooks


NYPIRG Buffalo State Group – The Elms 1995

Look through old yearbooks
Make fun of hot fashion trends
Search for Mom and Dad

Last night Shawn was looking at his senior yearbook from Bishop Timon because he learned his Principal, Mr. Chambers, passed away. Gretchen and Rachael came in and started looking at it, too. Then Gretchen asked if I had a yearbook too. We started looking at my senior yearbook from Frontier.

I reminded Gretchen, you’ll be getting your senior yearbook soon. The past week they took their senior class photo at Agua Fria.

Senior class photo
Balanced hand guides camera
Panoramic shot

She wanted to see mom and dad in the same yearbook. We didn’t go to the same high school so you’re not going to see us together. Then she asked about our college yearbook. Rachael said, they don’t have college yearbooks. Wanna bet? Dad brought down the 1995 The Elms from Buffalo State. There was mom and dad together in the same yearbook.


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