Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #101


In Need of a Kickstart

Good morning! Over the weekend I had my poetry journal out trying to write poetry. Nothing happened – my thoughts are all jumbled and neither words nor syllable count wanted to cooperate.

Thoughts a jumbled mess
still rusty from long absence
where shall I begin?

I guess it’s a start. I managed the first two lines on the weekend; the last line finally worked out as I’m typing this blog post. I am also catching up on housework too many things have piled up with me not feeling well. I am thankful autumn is almost here; though you would not know it by the temperatures in Phoenix. The highs are still well over 100! I love the fall. Shawn and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary and then November marks another birthday for me.

Check out episode 43 of the Haiku Chronicle – rain seems to be a common theme this week. Since I wrote my contribution near the beginning of August, I still had monsoon season on my mind. And now nearing mid September, the desert is returning to its dry heat. Humidity and I do not get along very well. I am sitting in my air conditioned home still trying to write and waiting for monsoon season to come to a close.

Summer will end soon
vision to write poetry
is not going well

The #haikuchallenge word today is vision, fitting right in with #synonymsonly for Colleen’s poetry challenge.



8 thoughts on “Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #101

  1. I absolutely love the “diary” feel of your intimate Haibun/Senryu. I lived in Phoenix and also in Prescott Valley, so I know first hand the suffocating heat of your dry summers. I’m in Colorado Springs so we still have the dryness but not all the heat. We had a wet summer which I hope bodes well for wildfire season. Great seeing you again. ❤

  2. Rain, cold and more rain for us. Looks to me like you have written a lot in this post. Far more than you thought you would. Both poems are lovely.

    • Thank you. I did write more than expected. Love haiku and tanka but not a big fan of haibun. I have written a few but prose poetry which is a part of haibun does not come naturally to me. Still I give it a go once in awhile.

      • I love haiku. In the last few days I have been trying out other poetry forms, giving me more of
        a writing range.

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