#NaPoWriMo 2018 Day One


2018 Poster from poets.org


The First of April

Lazy morning in bed

Playing Candy Crush Soda
with an hour of infinite lives

The first day of April
I’m exploding candy bombs
while Easter baskets sit empty


Good morning, yes it is still only 10am here so I did not waste my whole morning on a game. Welcome to the first day of #NaPoWriMo. I wanted to share a picture from our evening out last night. Shawn and I attended a poetry reading for World Poetry day, but Shawn said his photos are still loading and I didn’t take any. Instead I decided to share a picture of the 2018 napowrimo poster from poets.org. Before Shawn and I went out last night, Rachael, Gretchen and I went shopping. We still had no Easter candy nor dye for the eggs. Rachael drove us over to Target where we weren’t the only people picking up candy last minute. When we got home I put in a Pei Wei order; hey I have to cook tonight so why cook on Saturday, too.

Rachael is working a full day today – until 3pm, she was excited to have hot & sour soup to bring in for her lunch. She already texted me, Can we die eggs when I get home. By the time we got home yesterday, it was time to eat and then we had to leave for the reading. Don’t worry, I informed Rachael I was pretty sure the eggs were already dead, but we can still dye them. Actually realized I had Candy Crush brain because I had a terrible time wording a sentence with dye in the present tense. The #haikuchallenge word today is really – an extra poetry offering.


Write poem with flair
April first is really here
Easter baskets bare

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And last but not least, here is our (optional, as always) prompt for the day. It’s based off of Lauren Russell’s collaborative poetry exercise. Today, we challenge you to write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure. It could be eating too many cookies, or bad movies, or the time you told your sister she could totally brush her teeth with soap. It’s up to you. Happy writing!

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