Dreaming of Spring Break

Sound jars me awake
Cannot sleep in Saturday
Alarm pierces dream

Well Rachael began her spring break yesterday. She got two As on midterm exams so I said we should go to Ahi Poki to celebrate. We haven’t been since the grand opening back in December about a week after her wisdom teeth extraction. We actually hit another buy one get one free with the purchase of a drink promotion. Yesterday the #haikuchallenge word was free – of course I had to haiku about our lunch.

Ahi Poki bowls
Delicious lunch promotion
Buy one get one free

Unfortunately Rachael and Gretchen are on different schedules, and Gretchen’s spring break doesn’t start until March 11. Since Gretchen has a Saturday class at EMCC the alarm goes off on Saturdays, too. Last night Gretchen came into my bedroom with her chromebook and her US history textbook. Yes, she was doing homework on a Friday night! I said, Really you think your mother knows US history? Well it turned out she couldn’t find the answers because she was looking in the wrong chapter. There is one thing mom does know how to do is read. 😉 And it’s hard to answer questions for chapter 21 when you’re looking in chapter 20. It turns out she really didn’t need my help.

Next week Gretchen gets to take the SAT and she’s all signed up to take the ACT April 14. There was something that took a lot of texting yesterday.

What is our zip code?

What is the school code?

Do you want ACT updates?

  1. You’re almost 17, really you need to know our zip code by now.
  2. I don’t go to your school so how would I know its code for the ACT.
  3. I already get email updates from when Rachael signed up for the ACT. Some reason once on the mailing list, you’re not off it.

And this is why parents dream of spring break, too. And after that I should be starting up as a remote reader again. Already filled out the intent to return paperwork. So #NaPoWriMo should be another busy month this year.

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