#Tanka Tuesday – Senryu


Bicycle race

Learn to ride a bike
Invigorating moment
Free to venture far


Last night Gretchen and I worked on bike haiku together (more just line and syllable count than traditional haiku). She needed to write poetry for her psychology class. She said she tried to compose a sonnet, but it was too difficult. Yeah, tell me about it. I told her to write a haiku after all it is #NaHaiWriMo (national haiku write month). Her teacher said they would have to write more than one haiku if they chose haiku because it was too easy. Easy?! Has he ever written a haiku? I shouldn’t complain; we had mother daughter bonding time writing poetry.

Then this morning I see the #haikuchallenge word today is sad and I was still thinking of the bicycle haiku and wrote –

Child’s happy moment
First time taking off on bike
Parent somewhat sad

Everyone should keep in mind, my children accomplished something their mother never did – one needs balance to ride a bike and because of my cerebral palsy balance is something I don’t have and I never learned how to ride.

The first senryu was inspired by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday No. 73. After reading the responses of a couple other poets I follow on WordPress, I decided to give this week’s challenge a try – the words this week are energy and knowledge.

Phoenix Garden

Garden at Cosanti in Phoenix, AZ

Empty chairs preserve
memory of those we’ve lost
okay to feel sad

Another #haikuchallenge poem to honor Leonard Nimoy.

Tomorrow is the last day of February and Shawn’s birthday. I really should get on writing his birthday poem. Has everyone been keeping up with #NaHaiWriMo? One more day to go.



2 thoughts on “#Tanka Tuesday – Senryu

  1. Excellent poetry. I enjoyed all of it and your commentary. I hope you’ll continue to join in even though NaHaiWritMo is finished. You’re always welcome!! ❤

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