Tau’ku Tuesday

Over the weekend, I read one of Ken’s posts and learned about the tau’ku. You can read it  here, as usual another poetry form involving math. I can’t seem to get away. The tau’ku is a shorter haiku though not as short as a lune.

Well after Shawn complained haiku were not worthy enough to pay honor to the trash bin, I of course decided to subtract a syllable and give him a tau’ku. Yes, my first attempt at the form was satirical since the subject was a trash container and not nature.

Taken away too soon
years trash bin earns retirement

But really the man asked for an epic for a trash can! He had to know his wife would go the opposite direction. Meanwhile winter has decided to make another appearance in Phoenix. It was cloudy yesterday and threatened to rain. I heard some places got a trace but nothing worth mentioning. It’s cloudy again today and our rain chances are suppose to pick up through tomorrow; we’ll see. As I was watching the news last night, they had a reporter up in Flagstaff, talking about the snow and the city’s lackluster winter. It’s been dry and warm across the state. I thought I’d try a more truer tau’ku.

Hot, dry winter longs for
Summer storms quench thirsty desert

Wow and I thought proper haiku were difficult, though I do enjoy satirical ones. The above tau’ku had several versions before I settled on this one. Still not sure I’m satisfied, but it’s a decent first attempt.

By the way, Shawn noticed I put the imposter (new trash bin) away. There’s nothing you can do; it’s the replacement and they even wrote our address on it. Then Shawn talked about the dented lid on the old one as the kids used it to climb over the wall and climb up onto our roof. The hole he drilled into the bottom, so it wouldn’t collect rain water. Yeah dude, it’s gone and it is just a trash can!


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