Out with the old

Old trash bin replaced
family makes big to-do
with final farewell


About 7 or 8 months ago, the city came around collecting all the old trash bins and replacing them with new ones. Ours was left behind, because I had already put it away. This morning they came and took our old one and gave us a new one right as Shawn and Rachael were getting in the car to head for work/school. I got a text from Rachael, They took the old trash can right in front of us.

I was thinking, okay that explains the ruckus I heard outside; I was too lazy to look out the window, but it seemed to me Shawn and Rachael were a lot louder than normal. She sent another text, Trash bin is gone 😦 I look out the window and reply, but we have a shiny new one. Did you say goodbye.

Then Shawn sent me a text, They took trashy! Oh good grief he gave the trash bin a name. I replied the same, Did you say goodbye. He also sent me back 😦 Only my family would enjoy lamenting the loss of a trash bin. Okay so it worked for inspiration today the #haikuchallenge word on twitter is make. And all I keep thinking is – Wilson! The scene in Cast Away when Wilson is lost made both Rachael and Gretchen sob.

lol! 😀

Haiku is too short
Trash bin older than daughter
Make goodbye epic

Hubby complained my poem was not good enough for a trash can older than our daughter; it was 18. He wants an epic or at least an ode.

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