Happy Easter

coffee is made
husband is up early
I roll over to get more sleep
How many chores wait for me?
Out of bed, floors are swept and mopped
then clothes go in washer
working before

NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 16 – Today I challenge you to take your inspiration, like our featured interviewee did in the chapbook she co-authored with Ross Gay, from the act of letter-writing. Your poem can be in the form of a letter to a person, place, or thing, or in the form of a back-and-forth correspondence.

Welcome back to NaPoWriMo day 16 and Happy Easter! I’ve done the list of chores above and decided I had time to write my poem before putting the ham in the oven. The above poetry form I learned about back in 2011 over on gather.com. It was created by a member of the mindful poetry group. I thought it was called a conversant which is what made me think of it for this prompt. And the fact I’ve written epistolaries for napowrimo before – Dear Washer. But when I looked up conversant poem, they looked nothing like the form above.

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