Sebastian Stan
has many a fan
in his role as Bucky
he was very plucky

NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 14 –Because it’s Friday, let’s keep it light and silly today, with a clerihew. This is a four line poem biographical poem that satirizes a famous person.

Kevin Bacon
started campaign to free the bacon
many actors hem and haw
but he stood up to awe

Welcome back to day 14 of NaPoWriMo and no your eyes are not deceiving you, I am missing a ghazal for day 13. Since today’s prompt was light and silly, I may get back to the missing prompt after work. Okay a little explanation about my Clerihew. Sebastian Stan is an actor and Gretchen is a fan especially of Bucky from Captain America. But her mother has a hard time remembering both his name and the character’s name. One day I asked her about Sebastian Shaw, and she gave me a funny look. Okay I know I probably got the name wrong, AGAIN. But the guy you like from Captain America.

Stan, Mom. Sebastian Shaw is the bad guy in X-Men played by Kevin Bacon. Yeah well whenever anyone mentions Kevin Bacon I can’t help thinking about #freethebacon 😉


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