Sweet Sixteen





NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 4 – Today I’d like you to take some inspiration from Elgar and write a poem with a secret – in other words, a poem with a word or idea or line that it isn’t expressing directly. The poem should function as a sort of riddle, but not necessarily a riddle of the “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” variety. You could choose a word, for example, “yellow,” and make everything in the poem something yellow, but never actually allude to their color. Or perhaps you could closely describe a famous physical location or person without ever mentioning what or who it actually is.

Welcome back to NaPoWriMo. It’s day four and as always someone’s birthday. The birthday girl is pictured above. Is it the girl wearing the crown or the girl blowing the noise maker? She just texted me she has a birthday buddy. Every year she laments no one remembers her birthday or attends her parties. Well the description of my little girl above is pretty accurate and may be a big reason why. Here is a clue to who the birthday girl is.

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