Teacup Dictionary Poem

Summer Vacation

My mom and me


Word mom could not spell

NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 3 – Today I’d like to challenge you to write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by. And I’d like to ask you to center the elegy on an unusual fact about the person or thing being mourned.

Welcome back to day three of NaPoWriMo. I wrote this teacup dictionary poem in honor of my mom. Growing up whenever we couldn’t spell a word and would ask, How do you spell… We were told to look it up in the dictionary. Then one day after I moved to Arizona, the phone rang. When I answered it my mom asked, how do you spell ostentatious? Ha-ha turn about, right? But I begin to spell, O S. That’s why I can’t find it; I was looking under au. Yes, the big problem when told to look a word up in the dictionary, one needs to know how to spell. And because my mom was always a huge tea drinker, I thought she would appreciate this poem form.

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