April First Again

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Hello everyone, thanks for tuning into my blog for another round of NaPoWriMo. This time last year, I was lamenting the loss of my writing nook. We had just installed a new hot water tank and added a water softener in March 2016, and the new piping for the water softener sprung a leak.


Writing Nook 2016

Serene writing space
unrecognizable when
water rains down wall












This year I begin a whole new adventure. I qualified to read and score standardized tests for English classes. See I can do more than just poetize with my English degree. As I was qualifying for the job, they requested documentation to show Veronica Hosking was once Veronica Heintz. I pull out my marriage license, scan it to forward to them as proof, look at it on the computer screen and see – Veronica Heintz is actually Veroinca. Over 20 years of marriage and I never caught the typo.

It wouldn’t be the first time. When I was in preschool we decorated paper plates that the teachers then sent out to make them hard plastic. I wrote my name as Roin instead of Roni. I actually think it was a subconscious mistake because a teacher wrote Veronica on the plate. I couldn’t write out Veronica yet, but always did prefer it to Roni.

Poet’s signature
before she was taught cursive
lacks spelling know how IMG_1457.JPG








I think I have improved on my writing ability and once again I have a writing nook. Though a year later someone (who will remain nameless – only man in this house), has still not repainted the replaced drywall. It’s a good thing we’re not really married. 😉


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