An Interview With Author Jennifer Brown

My daughter’s interview with Jennifer Brown for journalism.

By: Gretchen Hosking
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Creative writing is amazing. It allows readers to have an escape from the real world for a while as they delve into another. The author’s amazing worlds and lovable characters keep us entwined within their stories.

4271350_origRecently I was able to interview Jennifer Brown, author of The Hate List and Perfect Escape, about her experiences with writing young adult books. Before becoming an author, writing was her hobby. It was never thought of as a career for her until her older son was born and she had to quit her day job.

Even though she was skeptical going into it, she was willing to try and turn her hobby into a career. This idea eventually ended up working for her and became reality. The only thing she said that frustrates her about the writing process is “keeping the world from taking…

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