NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 24


Pinterest – Photo Credit


Does not sound as distinct
As the days begin to dwindle

NaPoWriMo Prompt – Today I challenge you to write a “mix-and-match” poem in which you mingle fancy vocabulary with distinctly un-fancy words. First, spend five minutes writing a list of overly poetic words – words that you think just sound too high-flown to really be used by anyone in everyday speech. Examples might be vesper, heliotrope, or excelsior. Now spend five minutes writing words that you might use or hear every day, but which seem too boring or quotidian to be in a poem. Examples might be garbage disposal, doggy bag, bathroom. Now mix and match examples from both of your lists into a single poem. Hopefully you’ll end up with a poem that makes the everyday seem poetic, and which keeps your poetic language grounded. Happy writing!

Since yesterday’s prompt was to write a sonnet and today is Shakespeare’s birthday, I’ve had Shakespearian English playing in my head. Alas, poor poet we knew her well. But then I get this way near the end of April every year. I wish I could claim originality with my use of colorful language but then again, no. Here is Beth May reciting Fuck with great elocution.


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