Poet’s Family


Frost family spring/summer 1910

Always annotate
Pictures, my mother would say
Who is the poet

Okay don’t strain too hard, because I don’t think Robert Frost is in the photo. My great-grandmother, Bertha Mae (Frost) Tiger, is one of the women with a child on her lap. She and Robert Frost were cousins. My mom assumed the photo was taken in 1910 because her dad is not in the photo and he was born in December 1910. For most of my life, when my mom would get photo prints, she would annotate them with the person/people name(s) and place and year. It does come in handy when looking at old photos. But the above photo was not annotated and there has been speculation for years whether or not Robert Frost is there. I’m doubting it, because I was told he only showed up for one family reunion.

I still order photo prints, but my children, grandchildren and so forth will have to conduct online facial recognition searches. No mom, I do not annotate my pictures.

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