Hello 2016

Both girls are back to school. Yesterday Rachael started her clinical hours for vet science. She will be working from 6am-7:30 which means leaving the house at 5:30am! On Wednesdays when Gretchen normally has late start and doesn’t have to leave the house until 8.

Then Rachael was back home a little after 10am because college courses don’t start until the 19th. She only has to be in school for four hours a day. When one starts at 6am four hours finish too early! Once college starts though, she’ll be scheduled to be in class from 6am-3:30pm on Wednesdays. But it is her only long day and by May she should earn her high school diploma and associate’s degree.IMG_0810

Meanwhile Gretchen didn’t start school until 8:50 yesterday. Her school works on a block schedule. They have 4 academics each day. They earn one credit for each class in a semester instead of a year. The second semester is a whole new schedule with new classes. She is in creative writing now and brought her stories in to show her teacher. I get a text yesterday, Rachael has the car, right? My teacher wants me to stay after school to talk about my stories. Yes, my youngest voluntarily stayed longer at school. Three days in her new classes, I’m thinking she really likes creative writing already.

This morning she asked me to help her with haiku. They have to write six for tomorrow’s assignment and she complained, I hate poetry. 6 x 3 = 18 lines and short lines at that. I checked the Wednesday poetry prompt at Writer’s Digest, Robert Lee Brewer wrote many people tell him how they have trouble writing less than 30 lines. The prompt is to write a 10 line or smaller poem. Since I’ll be helping Gretchen with haiku later and I haven’t written any poetry in awhile, I wrote a haiku.

Trouble writing more
than ten lines. I much prefer
concise poetry

To prove that I have risen on occasion to write poems with more than 10 lines even with Excuses for quitting. Hopefully Gretchen will not find excuses to quit before writing six haiku.


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