Star Wars Poetry

This past weekend Rachael and I were at Kohl’s. She didn’t like the fact I kept staring at the family in line behind us. But I couldn’t help it. The young boy had a light saber that had extensions on the sides. Rachael told me it was the new design; don’t you remember seeing it in the trailer. No, not until she mentioned it anyway. I soooo want to be a kid again. Star Wars toys are way cooler now.

My girls fighting to be on the dark side.

My girls fighting to be on the dark side.

Cool new light sabers
My childhood left without
to be young at heart

The Wednesday poetry prompt @WritersDigest is to write a movie poem. Robert Lee Brewer wrote about Star Wars and I remembered this weekend’s shopping trip. Also Gretchen made her own light saber when we were in Disneyland this summer. They get to have all the fun. And all I have are fond memories of a Han Solo and Luke Skywalker without gray hair.
When I was Five


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