Platform Challenge

I’ve been participating in the platform challenge at Writer’s Digest. Today’s task research live events. I’m lucky Avondale hosts a writer’s conference every fall. I went to the first one; it was free of charge because of a grant given to the city. After that, they began charging participants. I did not go – the fee is reasonable but there isn’t a poetry focus.

Then a couple years ago I signed up to attend a 40th birthday present to myself.
Writing Conference Wrap up

Notebook given to conference attendees.

Notebook given to conference attendees.

I enjoyed it again – still no poetry focus. And in 2013 Arizona finally had its own poet laureate. Here is the website for the conference. I learned some members of @speakezpoetry will have a reading during the lunch break. Yes, there still isn’t a poetry focussed workshop.

Besides the very local writer’s conference, I know four chambers press has hosted several poetry related events in Phoenix. Someday I hope to attend one. Other people’s commitments and the fact I don’t drive keep getting in my way.

3 thoughts on “Platform Challenge

  1. I hope you get to one, too! I’ve been fortunate to attend several over the past few years and I always walk away with something new to think about, try, fresh material, or a new contact. Best of luck with the Platform Challenge, too! 🙂

  2. I attended my first writers’ conference in April (Maine Crime Wave in Portland), and found it to be so informative — not to mention fun! Met several of my favorite authors, many of whom are now friends. It was great getting to know other yet-to-published authors, as well, and I am looking forward to seeing many of them again in early November at New England Crime Bake outside of Boston. I hope you will continue looking for more opportunities to network with and learn from your peers. There’s so much to be gained from it. Perhaps there are some online events that won’t require driving?

    Although I don’t fancy myself a poet, I did write this short poem earlier this year. I won’t quit my day job (which is writing mystery fiction full-time), but thought you might enjoy reading it.

    • Thanks for sharing. And yes I do quite a bit of online networking. This platchal for one and I’m participating in the ModPo MOOC. I’ve also done the How Writers Write Poetry MOOC and the napowrimo month every April. Made today’s task easy, because I’m always looking for markets to submit poems to.

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