Throwback Thursday

My mom labeled the photo

My mom labeled the photo

My friend, Rick, on our trip to Boston

My friend, Rick, on our trip to Boston









Throwback Thursday cheers!
Boston, Massachusetts trip
Can’t legally drink

In the spring of ’94, I went to Boston with my friend, Rick. We toured the city, went whale watching and then walked around Harvard and got lost. When we were in Boston, I wanted to check out Cheers. My husband (fiancé at the time) said it was tiny compared to the set they used for the TV show. Rick and I were under 21 and he wouldn’t go over to the bar with me. Because they did use the exterior for shots on the show, it was popular, crowded and had bouncers at the entrance. I went down to the door, was asked for my ID, told the guy I was under 21 and just wanted to see in the bar. He let me in. Wow! Shawn was right there was no room in the bar at all. Not only is it super small, but it was crowded. I was amazed the bouncers didn’t stop people from entering for fire code reasons. It looked like everyone at the door was gaining entrance even the 20 year old, who took a quick peek and exited fast.


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