Autumn Weddings

Shawn and my anniversary is less than two weeks away. I love October one of the things I miss living in AZ are the beautiful fall colors. But I don’t miss Buffalo snow so…

Yesterday a good friend from high school called out of the blue. He’s getting married next month. šŸ˜€ I asked him if it was October 12th (a really good day to get married) though since it is a Monday this year, I pretty much knew it would be no. Their date will be October 24. Unfortunately with less than a month’s notice, I can’t be there. But I did use the good news as inspiration for today’s #haikuchallenge

Libations flow free
Happily ever after
Autumn wedding bells

I’m, by no means, partial to October weddings. šŸ˜‰ The limerick for my 19th anniversary has been written and being left alone. I looked at the one for last year. The rough draft written out was different from what was actually posted. We shall see if letting this year’s sit unread will inspire edits when I post.

Tomorrow is October. And Gretchen will be on fall break next week. Wow! the first quarter of her freshman year is almost complete. You know what that means?

Can’t wait for fall break
Sleep is in my DNA
No early wake up

Gretchen's DNA model

Gretchen’s DNA model


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