Summer Break

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Summer break is almost at the midway point here. Rachael only has one more week left of her summer course. Next weekend we will be headed to Leprecon 41. I know I said Gretchen and I would be sitting on our hands until July when we finally get to go out of town, but I’ve been quite busy with my day job. Lots to do as a stay-at-home mom when  children are home all day. Plus I’ve been proofing pages for The Great Gatsby Anthology. The first one to have a poem by me and my husband. Silver Birch Press has been sending emails for checks and rechecks. And my hubby is amazed at the work involved (not to mention it was almost a year ago since submissions were sent) he is also amazed at the time involved with publishing. I told him, imagine proofing an entire book not just your contribution. Also Silver Birch Press has been publishing some great poetry/photography series in the meantime. I have enjoyed working with them since they published my first piece last July.

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

Great Gatsby Anthology Cover

June turns to July
Words whisper left unwritten
Caught on summer break


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