NaPoWriMo Day 29

Who Am I

Doctor Who book
Dead of Winter James Goss
Doctor reveals his secret name
TARDIS crashed on Italian beach
Scrambling companion’s
Brain inside out
The end

Jack Vettriano’s The Singing Butler NY Times Image

NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now, for our prompt (optional, as always): today, I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a review. You can review either animate or inanimate things, real places or imaginary places. You can write in the style of an online review (think Yelp) or something more formal that you might find in a newspaper or magazine. (I imagine that bad reviews of past boyfriends/girlfriends might be an easy way to get into this prompt, though really, you can “review” anything in your poem, from summer reading lists for third graders to the idea of the fourth dimension).

When Mimi and Poppo were here in March we trekked to the bookstore. Gretchen did not go because she wasn’t feeling well.  After Rachael and I checked out the young adult lit section, I brought her over to the sci-fi section. I picked up a new Doctor Who book for Gretchen. Rachael saw several more books she was interested in reading as well. Gretchen finished reading Dead of Winter awhile ago and gave me a spoiler. Also she told me how it was written in letters (epistolary). Yes, mom saw a teaching moment. Dead of Winter is part of the Doctor Who history collection. My two favorite genres – sci-fi and historical fiction. Plus Gretchen’s spoiler made me want to see how everything works out in the end.


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