Pay It Forward – Haiku

Teacher walks to school
Eighteen mile dedication
Watch Pay It Forward


A few weeks ago, my daughter came home and told me she saw one of her teachers walking to school and he asked her where she bought her bike.  Well, Mom, in her own stupidity, nominated Mr. Mason for the pay it forward program on CBS 5 News.  They called a couple weeks ago, happy to pick Mr. Mason. Logistics to get it on film became a story in itself.  Of course they wanted to catch Mr. Mason walking to school, but when they found out he started off at 3AM!  Still Pat McReynolds tried to get everything in place for early Monday morning, but it didn’t work out.  Tuesday I was unavailable and we settled on Wednesday after the school day began.  Then CBS 5 went to the wrong AAEC campus. (Oops… so I was waiting a little longer than planned).

Tuesday was my cousin’s memorial service. There was a Phoenix police honor guard and many officers came to show their respect. It was great to see all the support for my cousin and his family.  There is a go fund me account set up for his children and to help spread awareness for PTSD of police officers.  If you would like to pay it forward click here.

Suffered in silence
One person takes his own life
Stop another loss

RIP – Craig Tiger
October 6, 1972
November 5, 2014

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