I Voted

Every year I walk to the polls, neighborhood elementary school, and vote.  I have never done early voting.  Well this year officials came together and decided they would have early ballot voting.  Everyone was mailed a form.  I received mine and Shawn’s in the mail, wondered what was up and discarded them. Then when we walked over to vote this morning, we learned everyone had to fill out provisional ballots.  Because those wise politicians decided this year would be all early voting without telling constituents, no one knows who sent in those ballots and who did not to make sure no one votes twice, anyone who actually waited to vote today (us silly folk who want to vote at the polls) have to fill out provisional ballots.  Even stranger – it’s all electronic now, no paper book to sign.  Why spend money to update voter sign in to electronic devices if we were all suppose to mail in our ballots and not show up at the brick and mortar poll?

midterm elections
voters mailed early ballots
lost their right to choose

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