Election – Double Dactyl

Hobbity Nobbity
Candidate Fred DuVal
Spoke to constituents
Pander for cash

Rallying support for
Race sprint ahead to win
November dash

Democrat candidate for Arizona governor 2014

Democrat candidate for Arizona governor 2014









Friday night Shawn and I went to a fundraiser for Fred DuVal. Shawn called it, A fun night of politicking. He reminisced about hobnobbing with Brian Higgins back in Buffalo. Yes, once upon a time my hubby had political ambitions. I enjoyed going out on Friday, but I’m glad politicking is not a routine affair.

I was the secretary for the Hamburg Town Council a few months one summer. Shawn isn’t the only one who knows how to work the political machine. Back in the day Kathy Hochul was a council woman and my boss. When I was in Buffalo, I noticed she is running for lieutenant governor under Cuomo. I knew her when.

6 thoughts on “Election – Double Dactyl

      • Yep, and I was so naive in the beginning. Later, after our association grew and we hired a *good* lobbyist, I learned a great deal about the lies they make. He knew I greatly disliked him, but he did his best to get me to run for (I think) a senate seat when he found out I lived in a district that had just been created. (Finger in throat and choking).

    • Politicians and lobbyists do know how to pander. I always took it as, Someone has to get the job done. It’s not fun and you can’t get what you want. Most of the time you can’t even get what you need. Not my idea of a dream job. I’ll stick to poetry.

  1. You prompted me to write my own political double dactyl.
    Rumplety pumplety
    Cheney vice president
    Shotgun in morning fog
    Shot friend for sport

    Heart attacks tickled him
    War crimes and torturing
    Brought him up short

    • Lol! Thank you for sharing. I think all political ads should be double dactyls. Can’t wait for Tuesday. Need to get out the vote and then dispose of all those ads til next August.

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