One Year on WordPress

I started blogging on wordpress one year ago.  Actually I’ve been a regular contributor to the Mamazina blog here for quite a few years, but I did not set up a personal blog until June 2013.  Near the end of April last year, the site I was posting my poetry on went down.  A major bummer for me, because I was sharing my napowrimo poetry there.  When still wasn’t running well over a month later, I decided to set up a wordpress blog.  I wrote my first post on June 8th.  I wanted a place to post poetry again.

During summer vacation, I’m not writing as often since I’m busy with the girls out of school.  Yesterday I was playing with some hay(na)ku.

piles up
mom off writing

load over
washer to dry

up socks
odd one out


Yes, I was also doing the laundry.  I thought the last poem would work well in reverse, as well.


Odd one out
pairing up


Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog this first year.  I hope it didn’t disappoint.  And you’ll continue to read my musings for another year.


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