Flat Stanley’s Stay in Arizona

Over Memorial Day weekend we played host to Flat Stanley.  You know my husband is sooo infatuated with his car, he said we had to drive Stanley around in it.  Well how does one explain a paper character driving in a 280Z?  Since Avondale, AZ is the home of the PIR, I figured Stanley needed to be seen at the raceway in style.



Flat Stanley arrives safe in Arizona.



Making sure Flat Stanley remains safe securely buckled in for his car ride.



Flat Stanley posing in front of Estrella Mountain.



He made it safely to pose in front of PIR.



Stanley enjoyed a much slower ride on the back of a tortoise as well.



Sight seeing
Nice time
Learning about
Estrella mountain and
Yucca trees

2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley’s Stay in Arizona

  1. This is a wonderful post…I hosted Flat Stanley twice in my life with a few years between each visit…and both times Stanley was mailed to me from Phoenix, Arizona, where my hubby’s brother and family live…Stanley traveled with me through Rochester, Penna. and spent Autumn days seeing the seasonal change…a few years later he returned and I accompanied him on a trip to Beaver, Pa., where history abounds…he now abides within the pages of two full scrapbooks and evidently shares his time there…I see he is out and about again!

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