Car – Acrostic Haiku


Caress clutch and gas
Accelerate down driveway
Road quickens your pulse



It’s been three weeks since I’ve written any poetry.  I decided it was time to get off my lazy butt and write again.  The Wednesday Poetry Prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write about an object.  I realized car was three letters to make it an acrostic, it would have three lines so I decided to write a haiku acrostic about my hubby’s new toy – 1978 Datsun 280Z.  He bought a manual even though he never learned to drive a standard transmission. What am I going to do with that man?

He is teaching himself how to drive his new toy.  In the meantime, a certain 16 year old young lady needs to get a permit.  I just said goodbye to my hubby; he is off to work.  He is taking the 280Z.  I asked him if he was seriously going to take it on the highway.  He said, You have to start at some point.  I replied, O boy! I hope he knows what he is doing.


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