NaPoWriMo Day Eleven- Anacreon


Wine – Bottled Poetry

There’s nothing quite sublime

As reading poetry with wine

Until the bottle is tipped

And every poet ripped

Who can recite what was read
Next morning no one leaves bed



NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now, our prompt (optional, as always).Poets have been writing about love and wine, wine and love, since . . . well, since the time of Anacreon, a Greek poet who was rather partial to that subject matter. Anacreon developed a particular meter for his tipsy, lovey-dovey verse, but Anacreontics in English generally do away with meter-based constraints. Anacreontics might be described as a sort of high-falutin’ drinking song. So today I challenge you to write about wine-and-love. Of course, you may have no love of wine yourself, in which case you might try an anti-Anacreontic poem. Happy writing!

This could be fun as long as poets don’t mind facing the dawn.  This prompt made me think back to day one – Forget that, you bozoer of a wineglass, whom Shepherd in the kinglet disputes. I can’t seem to get away from the wine and poetry references.



Ripe on vine

Given high laurels

Fermenting in oak barrels


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