NaPoWriMo Day Seven – Love

Little figurine, standing watch
My husband bought me to inspire
Thirty poems will sometimes mire
Stuck wanting each to be top-notch
A good luck charm may ward off dire
Straits that would cause me to expire
On the days rhyming is a botch


NaPoWriMo Prompt – Today’s prompt is to write a love poem . . . but the object of the poem should be inanimate. You can write a love poem to your favorite pen, the teddy bear you had as a child (and maybe still have), or anything else, so long as it’s not alive! Happy writing.

 I admit I was stuck on today’s prompt.  Over the weekend, Gretchen bought a robo hamster.  Sunday morning she wanted to take him out and play.  I didn’t see a problem with this until it got free and started running around her room.  I thought it would be easier to catch him in her room and went to shut her door.  Only the little hamster was faster than me and got caught in the door.  I saw him before I shut it all the way, but still he was not moving. 😦 After a few minutes he was back to his usual speedy self.  I think he will be okay.  Still every time I go in the room he has apoplexy.  I thought I should write a poem for him.  Thankfully he is alive which means not inanimate.  My whole family calls me the hamster squasher now.

Hamster running free
Scurries for the door
Mom, who did not see
Hamster running free
Tries to stop his spree
Fear he is done for
Hamster running free
Scurries for the door


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