NaPoWriMo Day Three – Charm

Charm to Stop Birthdays

Children grow up too fast
Tomorrow marks thirteen
So this spell I will cast
Needed – One time machine
Travel back to the past
Make my girl’s childhood last



NaPoWriMo Prompt – And now, the (as always, optional) prompt. In keeping with today’s status as the third day of NaPoWriMo, I challenge you to write a charm – a simple rhyming poem, in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme. It could be a charm against warts, or against traffic tickets. It could be a charm to bring love, or to bring free pizzas from your local radio station. 


Speaking of radio stations, one of the founding editors of Stone Crowns magazine was interviewed on his local NPR station.  I was privileged to have my poem, “Spikier Spongier,” published in their second issue.  I printed the poem out, and while it was sitting on my fridge, one of my oldest daughter’s friends was over and read it. 

James and the Giant Peach was one of my favorite books growing up. I never thought the Aunts died.”

The poem said the peach flaunts after rolling over the Aunts; not that the ladies are dead.  But I guess reading it in my perspective made her think the Aunts were permanently dispatched.  Pardon me, since I don’t think my anti-growing charm will work.  I need to wrap some birthday presents. Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of the thirteenth (12th) Doctor?


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