Taken for Granted

The day before
Thanksgiving we lost someone dear
The day before
Life progressed without underscore
Taking for granted our time here
Moments slipped by without revere
The day before


Shawn and Scott Hosking May 2012

RIP – Scott Hosking
August 24,1975
November 27, 2013

7 thoughts on “Taken for Granted

  1. The day after
    Life changed drastically; we mourn
    The day after
    For we lost our brother’s laughter
    No longer will he feel the scorn
    But those he left now feel forlorn
    The day after

  2. ….Oh, Veronica, my heart is so full for you and Shawn and ALL your family…it must be so terrible for Shawn and ANY man to lose a brother this way…simply because men are, even today, looked to, to remain stoic or calm…when what could more truthfully be needed is to stand atop some high place and howl in mourning…I hope and pray for a salve of some sort to provide you all with some possible comfort in your pain…one wants to reach out and help you shoulder this…if only one could…maybe just the knowledge that there are many holding you all in their heart will help somehow…

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